Sujet : X4 le super retour aux roots ou pas

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X4 - The first encounter

Meet the Egosoft crew and learn about X4 and the XR VR edition at the XCon 2017

There’s only a month left to the Gamescom (22th to 26th August 2017), in Cologne, Germany. While this is usually the time and place to present new games, we thought about doing it a bit differently this year by reviving an almost forgotten event, some of our longterm fans may remember as the XCon. Last held in 2004, shortly after the release of X2: The Threat, the X-Convention (short: XCon) is an event to meet the Egosoft Crew in their natural habitat, the Egosoft HQ, and learn about the newest developments in the X-Universe. You can get some impressions from the XCon 2004 here and here.

So what can you expect this time? We will give you an exclusive first insight into our next big project: X4. We will present our latest milestone, and talk about the intended gameplay, but also about what we have planned for the future. [...]

Une Xcon se tiendra du 23 au 27 août 2017. Y'aura bien un blogueur pour en reparler à ce moment là.

Re : X4 le super retour aux roots ou pas

Un patch officiel pour gérer les complexes dans X3 serait déjà de bon aloi.

Je vous demande de ne pas voir dans cette manière d'opérer une mesure coercitive à votre égard, mais les régles inhérentes à ma profession m'obligent à procéder de cette manière.