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[nsfw]•Headshot system was completely remade. This fixed a bug causing headshot kills to not contabilize to a player's score on a multiplayer game, and has a better way to calculate damage input, making every attack deal a fixed double amount of damage.
•Added uncountable new attack, pain, fatality, and death animations for all monsters.
•All gore and blood sprites from other games such as Blood were completely removed, and new ones, better fitting Doom's art style, were added.
•You can now dual wield the assault rifles and plasma guns.
•Many sounds for gore and environment were changed, to add more variety.
•Fixed a bug causing the Revenant Missile Launcher's projectiles to not lock on enemies.
•Blood pools will form around a killed monster.
•Greatly improved driping blood effects.
•Improved bullet decals.
•Every projectile such plasmaballs and fireballs will leave decals on floor and ceiling.
•The Spidermastermind's collision and movement was completely remade. Now the players will be able to walk under it's legs, but if you run directly into it's moving legs, you will be stomped.
•Fixed explosive barrel's colision. Now you will able to pile up barrels and use them to climb places.
•When shooting a cyberdemon, the bullets will also ricochet on his steel skeleton.
•Fixed Player's sprites flickering on Player Settings menu.
•Explosions over natural surfaces such as grass or dirt will launch lots of dirt and dust, into the air.
•Explosions over liquid surfaces will launch the liquid over the air, and will leave it smearing on the walls. (currently only for water)
•Mancubi will use a flamethrower alt attack when the player is too close.
•Recoil for all weapons remade.
•Updated weapon sprites.
•After a player dies, Demons and imps will pile up on it's body to eat it.
•Gibbing a monster, or exploding its head near a tree or barrel, will leave the object smeared with blood.
•Fixed many missing dynamic lights.
•Restored and improved old Plasmagun alt-fire.
•Restored old Plasmagun sprites.
•Chainsaw completely remade.
•Mancubus Flame Cannon has new skins, it's projectiles are no longer affected by gravity just like the Mancubi ones, and now the player can use a flamethrower alt fire.
•Stealth Kills on zombies and imps were improved. Even if you alert the enemy but is able to punch him before he turns, you will able to perform a stealth kill.
•Added stealth mechanics to AI, see video for more information.
•Much improved most fire deaths.
•Fixed a bug making the Super Shotgun display its reload animation after the ammo runs out.
•Fixed a bug that allowed the player to fire the Super Shotgun with both barrels with only 1 shell remaining.
•Changed the internal code name of the RevenantMissiles to RevenantBalls because why not?
•Fixed a sploit that allowed players to jump over Pinky Demons, rendering their cornering abilities useless.
•Improved teleport effect.
•Zombies and the Mastermind now have vertical spread on their guns.
•When shooting trees, it will spawn wood chips.
•Restored shotgun's wooden grip and added DoomNukem's shotgun side sprites.
•Added an option to play with Vanilla Doom weapons.
•You will leave blood footprints after you step in a blood puddle, Duke Nukem-style.
•When you kill a zombie or imp with the shotgun, and sends it flying, it will get slumped if it hits a wall.
•Fixed a bug causing the Chaingunguy to have a vanilla Zombieman XDeath animation when killed by the SSG.
•Changed the way the Assault Rifle looks and works. It now uses Mike12's sprites, fires faster, and is meant to be fired in bursts. (Holding the fire button for too long will cause it to spread a lot)
•Added "Sling physics" to shotgun's animations.
•Fixed a bug causing the Archvile's body to block things even after death.
•Improved kicks. They deal more damage, and have a better feel.
•After you remove the arm from a Pinky demon, it will have a 50% chance of not dying and keep fighting you. He will move faster, but will eventually bleed out.
•Shotgun will no longer play the pump animation during reloads if you already have a shell in the chamber.
•Added Grenades. They can be picked up with Backpacks. You can either use a bind quick-toss them, or select them as an individual weapon on Slot 0.
•Added Friendly Marine variations. After rescued, they can either come up with a rifle, shotgun, minigun, plasmagun, rocket launcher, or BFG. You can now also release marines by pressing use near them.
•Marines can follow orders. Press the Use button in front of them to change between "Follow" and "Hold Position" modes.
•Added ammo counter for SSG.
•Added a script will detect automatically if you are playing on SinglePlayer/Coop, and will automatically make your rockets and plasmaballs pass through other players/marines. This will also make any projectile of friendly marines to pass directly through you too.
•Friendly marines can't be killed by friendly fire.
•Bodies and gibs are no longer shootable.
•Barons and Hellknights get knocked back by kicks, no more stun by a kick to the balls.
•Reinstated combat rolls
•Reduced the duration of the camera shake caused by explosions by 50%.
•Fixed a bug causing stealth kills/fatalities to not happen if the player selected the fists where aiming down the sights with rifle/shotgun.
•Improved performance on maps that have lots of candles.
•Infrared will allow you to see Spectres like translucent pinkies.
•Fixed some bugs related to lamps. Also improved their destruction animations.
•Added map replacements for Doom 1's E2M8 and E3M8 featuring new boss fights.
•Added an unload function to remove ammo from the rifle, shotgun, and super shotgun.
•Added CVARs.[/nsfw]

GZDoom (1.8 mini) pour le jeu solo.
Zandronum (2.0 mini) pour le multi. (fonctionne aussi en solo, juste un peu moins abouti)

Installer/décompresser le port de son choix quelque part.
décompresser les fichiers pk3/wad des mods de son choix (par exemple brutalv20.pk3 et DoomMetalVol4.wad) ainsi que les wads de Doom, Doom2 ou de freedoom (solo et/ou multi) dans le même répertoire.
créer un raccourci en ajoutant à la fin le nom des mods souhaités (exemple "/gzdoom.exe brutalv20.pk3 DoomMetalVol4.wad")

tuto multi



FAQ v20
Quick FAQ for people having problems with v20:

If can't find the Brutal Doom Options (blood amount, enable/disable the janitor, bullet penetration, etc.): Read the .txt file that comes with the zip. Zandronum doesn't supports custom options, and they only show up if you are playing on GZdoom. If you are playing on Zandronum, you need to set up these options manually on the console (the readme file explains which commands you must use)

If you can't reload your weapons, it means you have binded the wrong reload key (yes, there are 2 reload keys in the menu. One is a generic one used for other mods, and one is dedicated for Brutal Doom). Go to the bottom of key bindings and find the Reload function that is under "Brutal Doom - Advanced Actions". If nothing works, then press ' to open the console, and type the following: bind r "reloader"
Also you will notice that there is an "unload" button. This is used to take ammo from one weapon and use it on another weapon that shares the same ammo. (for example, removing ammo from the rifle to use in the minigun, or removing shells from the shotgun to use it on the super shotgun)

If you receive this error message when loading the game
Script error, "brutalv20.pk3:spiders.txt" line 244:
Replaced type 'PlasmaBall2' not found in EnemyPlasmaBall
It means that your sourceport is outdated. Brutal Doom v20 requires Zandronum 2.0 or GZDoom 1.8 to run.
Also, any error message when trying to load the game is related to an outdated sourceport.

Nutkicks were not removed. They were only nerfed and more difficulty to be performed because they were way too overpower on the previous versions, rendering Hell nobles too easy. To perform a nutkick, you just need to look down before kicking.

Destroyable bodies were removed because they were still lagging too much. I'm still going to see if I can re-introduce them somehow.

Yes, the total bullet count on the HUD is not working anymore because of the extra max ammo you can have. Press + to show up the fullscreen hud, which shows you how much ammo you have on your clip and doesn't polutes the screen.

I am also aware of some PCs having framerate issues with v20. No worries, v20b is on the way to fix up these stuff.

As I mentioned on other post (but seems like a lot of people missed), I was not able to finish the Starter Pack maps in time, so I postponed it. I will release it on the following weeks, followed by 20b with a few bugfixes.

If you are missing the advanced taunts, one-liners, and footstep sounds, no, I didn't remove them. I just made them an optional addon. Check the addon page of Moddb to download it. Put these files in the skins folder, and you will be able to hear them even when playing online.


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Merci !

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Quelle est la classification PEGI de ce divertissement vidéoludique?

Bonne journée, merci.


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gigantesque le trailer

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Je suis en train de le faire avec le .wad de plutonia et ça déchire. Plus trop l'habitude des maps labyrinthique mais sinon se baigner dans les tripes et le sang ca n'a pas de prix smile

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En Allemagne ca doit bien être PEGI42.



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v20b is already on the way, featuring options to disable the shotgun strap physics, optional (to be used at your own risk) destroyable bodies, and performance fixes. I will announce the release date in a few weeks. (don't worry, it won't take years like v20 took)

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V20b & starter pack

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ça chasse sur les terres de Duke Nukem, là !


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Mastaba a écrit:

V20b & starter pack

Featuring Robert Pastorelli as the MARINE



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Sortie de la V20b avec le retour des corps destructibles le 31!


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Un jeu qui devrait satisfaire reblotroll.

I think I'm dumb


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Même pas: pas procédural et et la seule façon de s'en sortir parfois est justement de connaitre les passages secrets pour chopper les bonnes armes & power up.

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Exact. Ce que je disais pour tous les quake like dont Doom est le papa.

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v20b out!
http://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom/d … -file-only
http://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom/d … arter-pack


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Slot 1 - Chainsaw
Left button: Continuous normal attack, cut enemies vertically. Right button: Heavy attack, cuts enemies horizontaly. The Heavy attack deals more damage if you perform it while jumping. Warning: While you are cuting a big enemy with the chainsaw, you will get the blade stuck on it and won't be able to move until the monster is dead.

You can also pick up the Flamethrower and the Demonic Rocket Launcher from the Mancubus and Revenant. Just use the chainsaw to remove it from their dead bodies.

mmmhhh <3